Why is it that people are so ignorant these days…

There was a man with like 3 heavy bags near the Leisure complex  in Bradford today, he was struggling quite clearly.

He had 2 bags with him and asked stopped us to ask if we knew where TheHoliday Inn was so we told his it was just and offered to walk him as it was in the direction we were heading.

He asked us if we could possibly wait with his stuff while he went and got his other bag so that the group of lads didn’t steal it. The group all had their little peek around the corner laughing at us as we were waiting for him. We offered to help carry his stuff for him and at first he said ‘no I’ll be fine’ but Mika and Jodie carried his stuff to the hotel as he had 2 heavy bags and a suitcase. 

Turns out that he had asked the boys to help him carry his stuff to holiday in and he’d give them a few quid and they basically laughed in his face. He then tried to give us money for helping him to the hotel as in his culture that’s just something they do. We refused but he kept insisting. He was a really nice guy who is just trying to make a living for his daughter. he was impressed that people of our age were willing to help him.

Being kind to someone and offering to help them doesn’t take much. What kind of person would you rather be?

We wonder why youths have bad stereotypes when they are as disrespectful as those boys. I actually know that group of lads and it wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up in prison anytime soon.They think they are funny and hard because they have all their ‘boys’. what about when those ‘Boys’ turn on them.

The smallest kind deed can make someones day.

Peace Out x
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