Nobody wants to be on their period while they’re staying away from home. When I wrote about this I was planning a visit to see someone which didn’t happen due to personal things but yeah. I was meant to be going on the 7th of April and was due on the 5th, so I was hoping to be on a little earlier.

I’ve even resorted to googling ‘How to make your period come faster’

I’m not really feeling the whole pill thing because 1) you put on weight and 2) what if it just fucks up my cycle:/ along with many other reasons.

Prepare for a cringe short story:

Before googling I thought I’d ask in a group chat with my friend’s but I accidently sent it to my university chat instead like an idiot and everyone way life ‘WTF’ and ‘urm why what you planning’  I’m so embarrassed

The results from google are…


A day or 2 before your due on Crush 2 aspirin into half a cup of water with ½ tbs of sugar and ½ tbs of honey. Not exactly sure if that’s safe but if I’m alive then it should be cush ah.


Take vitamin C tablets. Or if you prefer try natural sources such as oranges, lemons and cranberry juice. The logic behind this is that Vitamin C actually helps with the production of oestrogen.


Try using a hot water bottle and placing it over your lower abdomen or lay in hot bath for 30 mins for a few days in a row.


Exercise! This helps maintain a regular menstrual cycle


Sex… now this one isn’t really useful to me but whatever ha. After having sex your genitals are relaxed which in fact can trigger the shedding of the lining. This doesn’t really help me with my situation but it may help someone ahha

So there 5 ways to try make your period come earlier. If anyone knows any other ways feel free to comment, tweet or snapchat me


Peace Out x



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