Pointless Blog Merch

So Pointless Blog merchandise came out on Friday… let’s just say I spent too much money. From ten to 5 I was sat on the MacBook’s at school refreshing (I had rehearsals )

In one order I bought a Hoodie, T-shirt and a signed poster which I need to pay my mum back for…

Then later on I bought the PB necklace and the jumper…


I didn’t have enough money for the notebook and the pin badge and I still need to order his new book. I’m so gutted that I didn’t have money to get a signed one but I had to choose between paying my Uni accommodation deposit and as signed book. Hopefully I can pre order one from WATERSTONES or WHSMITHS. My dream is to meet Alfie, Zoe or Joe but I know it will never happen because I always miss out on signing tickets etc. The websites always freeze for me 😦

YouTube has helped me though a really difficult time… when I lost my dad, watching YouTuber’s videos helped me get through and get myself back to normal. It weird how people you’ve never met can affect your life so much…

GET YOUR OWN HERE… http://pointlessblogshop.com/collections/all


Peace Out x



Snapchat: smellymellyx

Instagram: @xmeldoranx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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