Just wanted to share a really weird but good day with you all

So yesterday (14th March) I stayed behind at school to paint the Rock challenge set, which by the way is looking amazing. We were painting till about 6pm when we got kicked out of school because everyone is supposed to be out by 6 but we used to leave later than that ha.

After jogging to try catch a bus and missing it…  We ( Me, Hassan and Mika)arrived in town and I really fancied a subway. I had like 446 point on my card or something silly like that. So I got a bowl of meatballs! and a hot chocolate which used 300 points… So Hassan then checks his points. He had enough for a snack but it said his card wasn’t activated. While I sat eating my meatballs, he sat and activated his card… I had finished my meatballs by then. Hassan then goes up to get his meatballs. The girl in subway said ‘just because you went to all that effort, I’ll put you an extra meatball in’ so I turned round and said ‘where’s my extra meatball?’  So then the women took my tub and gave me 4 more meatballs and told me to share with Mika ( I gave her one)

This day there were lots of police in town due to an accident which had happened. A girl had got knocked over by a taxi driver and she was airlifted to hospital. The road was taped off and there was loads of police about directing traffic etc.  So anyways, the subway girl opened the door and she was like ‘ OOOO they’re fighting’ so me, Mika and Hassan ran to go look. Some idiots decided that it would be a good idea to kick off infront of loads of police. Watching it was pretty funny because the idiots kept sticking their fingers up at the officers and then walking away, thinking they were bad…

When we got to interchange a women named locally as ‘ Mad Liz ‘ was about. She kept going up to random people trying to sell them Primark shoes which she had bought on sale and were about £2 for £10. She was wearing bright purple tights with silver (I think) sandal, a red coat and her signature hat. So we were just stood there watching and she came over to me…

She asked me what size shoe I was so I said I don’t know because I wasn’t sure what size she had … I clearly didn’t want to buy them. Next thing I know she’s putting the shoe next to my foot and says ‘ they’d fit you love… do you want them only £10’ so I nicely said no thanks and she went off to ask some girls who were about 15… they looked so scared.

Other stuff happened but this is getting long so yeaaah…

Peace Out x



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