I was meant to post this the other week but sorry… I forgot.

It’s that time of year again…



This year our set is simpler but much more detailed. I can’t spill much about it until after the competition but honestly this year’s set and the whole piece in general is AMAZING!

I am so excited for the competition day and to just perform the piece

This year the competition heat for us is not in West Yorkshire where it usually is but instead we have to travel to Rotherham meaning we have to raise as much money as possible to cover travel. As things stand we don’t have enough to put on a parents coach to the competition which sucks since it’s my last year and my mum can’t drive.

If anyone would like to help out a little bit just so my mum can come watch at least please donate to:

I know it’s a big ask to use sites like these and part with your money but I just really want my mum to come watch. If you donate then THANK YOU SO MUCH !

Peace Out x



Snapchat: smellymellyx

Instagram: @xmeldoranx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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