This is just a post of appreciation for the Performing Arts department at Tong High School. If any of you are reading this I just wanted you guys to know how much everyone appreciates what you do for us…

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me… You have made me a better dancer and my technique has improved so much. You have opened my eyes to new things and provided opportunities for me which I am extremely thankful for. When my dad died it was hard for me and the support from you teachers got me through an extremely tough time.  I have always tried to give back to the performing arts department but nothing I do will ever come close to what you guys did for me. I will always stick up for you guys if anyone ever says anything bad about you or says you do not support students because you go the extra mile for each and every one of your students.

‘ Mrs Vo Brown has been like a mum to me over my journey throughout Tong High School, and has supported me in making life changing decisions. She also says ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ which my funny friend always replies ‘not necessarily’…’- Hassan Khan

‘It was great how they all came to amp awards to support the students and they all give a constant rate of support if you need it whether it be personal things or your work needed to be done’ – Kallum Keeley.

‘They always try and help you improve so you can work at the best of your ability’- Jorden Walswoths

‘I don’t care what other people say I had an AMAZING experience with wizard of Oz and I am wanting to do rock challenge every year cos it is epic’ – Libby Redmond

‘Have a lot to say about miss GP they helped me with my behaviour and with my confidence and made me fall in love with performing ha and made me feel good about my self tbh’ – Jake Grant

‘The performing arts staff give me confidence in and out of lessons. They help me progress in subject areas and I feel as if they’re friends more than teachers. I feel more comfortable talking to them about my personal life than the actual pastoral team. They actually care about us and not just our grades like other teachers’ – Hollie Farmer

‘The teachers in the performing arts department helped bring out my confidence so much! I just used to be a quite kid that daren’t talk to anyone but now you can’t shut me up! I have become so much more confident around people and it’s all down to them’ – Phoebe Smith

‘The teachers of the performing arts department are amazing teachers aswell as people. They’ve helped me within my studies more than they should have, going beyond their own priorities to prioritise the learning of their students. the thing that amazes me most about all of the performing arts department, is their passion for the students. A lot of people see a job as just work to do, I know I feel that way sometimes, but these guys don’t. They’ve gone beyond to help me personally out, calming me down when I’ve had personal problems, helping me overcome difficult stages and opening up on a 1 to 1 level. I will forget a lot of people in my life but never the performing arts department and especially what they’ve done for me. They’ve helped me more than I could ever imagine and I’m grateful for their care and attention.’ -Liam Morgan 


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