Kru$ade- Amp Awards 2016


Just wanted to say a massive well done to my mates for getting 3rd place this year at the Bradford AMP AWARDS. They were amazing.

They got second by the judges votes but the text votes demoted them to third place but I am so proud of them.



I am especially proud of my ‘twin’ who is not my twin Chelsea. I was so shocked at how confident she was. I know she was really nervous and I was scared that that may show but it really didn’t. She looked beautiful as always and her voice was perfect for the songs.

Check out their Facebook page where they’ve posted their first 2 songs… the studio versions will be uploaded soon J :

I also love how supportive my school is of other schools at competitions. We were there on the front row cheering on every school starting the claps and cheers and even tweeting about how good they were. This happens at rock challenge as well and it’s one thing that makes me proud to go to tong. Keep it up guys.

Also massive congratulations to FAIL THE ENEMY who took first place. It was very well deserved!


Not my usual cup of tea but I really enjoyed it and their stage presence.  They end was ‘explosive’ so say the least (they had streamer cannons)

Hassan clearly loved the streamers …


Go check out their Facebook page too… they’re a band to look out for:


Some Pictures from :

Extra pics :

Peace Out x

Snapchat: smellymellyx

Instagram: @xmeldoranx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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