Welcome rant time with Hassan…..

So basically I’m going to tell you some of my pet hates:

1:        Okay so my number one pet hate is when people think that they know you because of the shit that they hear from basic bitches! Okay so one time there was a new girl in school and I thought okay she’s pretty ill talk to her and she was like sorry iv been advised not to talk to you by’X’, and I’m like bitch fuck you then and now she’s not at school because she was to thick.  Moral learnt is be your own person don’t listen to what other people say. Make your own decisions and create new experiences.

2:     my second pet hate is when people stand up on the bus when they are plenty of seats available, okay stand in the standing area not right in front of the fucking door and window!!!!!!! This is the worst on the school bus like omg bitch sit the fuck down.

3:       Okay so this one’s a wired one… I hate it when people write with a slanted book even though I do it myself but I always straighten it out before i start to write again.

4:      Now on to number 4 okay this one really annoys me. So when you decide to go for a meal and they are little kids running around and screaming and crying! But it’s even worse when you’re on a date…

5:     This one is mainly when you have planned to do something with all your friends and then like 20000 cancel because they magically lost all of their money or have to baby sit or they forgot or the get caught drunk and in their boyfriends bed by their mum and dad… yes I know awkward right, and you and one of your mates are just like okay we will just go together fuck the rest!!!

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