Motivation is a reason why you may act or behave in a specific way.
It is the desire to do things.

It is also something which I lack.

In a morning it takes me around 40 mins minimum to actually get out of bed. This means that I have to get up earlier than I need to so I am actually ready and on the way to the bus stop at 7:20am.

At school, I have so much work and revision that I need to do. The problem is I’m not motivated. I want tp achieve but I don’t have the motivation that I need to put the effort in. I should be in the study doing my assignments and doing revision but instead I spend my one free in the common room. I don’t even know why, I end up sitting on my own bored.

I am also trying to loose weight but I lack the motivation to go for a run or go to this gym etc. I want to do it… I really do, I just can’t.

So my question is…  How do I gain motivation?

If anyone feels like they can actually help me then contact me and let me know because its having a negative effect on my life.

Peace Out x

Snapchat: smellymellyx

Instagram: @xmeldoranx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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