I am currently in the phase of deciding which University I actually want to go to from my offers. Lets just say I’m struggling… a lot.

My top two universities to study dance at are Teesside and DE Montfort but I just don’t know. This is why this post is the pros and cons of each Uni.

So let’s start with DeMontfort


  • My teacher from school went there who is an amazing dancer and I’d love to be like her.
  • The accommodations nice
  • The lecturers are really friendly and they have an open door policy so if you have any problems you can easily go to them – this is from not knowing how to use a washer to help with modules.
  • I’ve had lots of contact off of them, I had a phone call from a current student who answered a few of my questions
  • The module is something which will benefit me.
  • The dance studios are beautiful
  • Loads of shops and food places
  • My friend is going


  • Its 4 hours ish on a coach from where I live /:
  • Don’t know if I could see myself there
  • Larger class sizes/ intake than Teesside




  • Only hour and half to two hours on the coach
  • Has dance for camera on the module which really interests me
  • Near places such a Newcastle and Saltburn by the sea
  • Sent me a really nice note
  • Small class size
  • Near the city centre
  • Has a T J Hughes
  • Teesside dance film festival


  • Accommodation isn’t too cracking
  • The subway didn’t do sweetcorn
  • Some people who I know that went to Teesside dropped out within a few months


Peace Out x


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Instagram: @xmeldoranx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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