Making A Murderer – 15th January

So, I don’t have Netflix at home so i havnt been able to start watching ‘MAKING A MURDERER’.

That was until today as I’m at my sisters babysitting and she has Netflix. ( Causal Netflix and Chill alone because I’m single and yeah.

I would highly recommend watching it. I only got chance to watch two of them  but I just want to watch the rest of them.

Its basically about Steven Avery who was sent to jail for something he didn’t do. He had 22 witnesses saying he was nowhere near the area where the women was abused and the man attempted rape. These witnesses were basically called liars and told they were just covering for him. Avery didn’t match the description of what the women described ( different eye colour etc) after spending 18 years in prison he was proven innocent after DNA evidence exonerated him. That’s basically where it all started but yeah its basically explaining his story and the misconduct that took place. Then it carries on explaining even more things that happen to him and things he got accused for

In psychology, we learn about multiple cases where similar things have happened such as Steven Truscott.  Sometimes, it can be just to false memories which police may have implanted due to leading questions or photo lineups etc. This is one of the topics I find interesting in psychology as it often explains how these tings happened and how we can go about it.

I guess the whole point of this is to say. Watch It ! I wish I could watch the others right now but I don’t have Netflix

Sorry, All I could think about was this.

Peace Out x

Random Fact – Winston Churchill was born in a ladies room during a dance.
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