Back To School- 5th January

So the first day back at school was pretty shit. You know how before I said I lacked motivation, well nothing’s really changed. I have a mock exam In the morning tomorrow and k dong feel prepared for it at all. 
It didn’t really help that I didn’t get to sleep till around half three and then woke up at 5:50 to my alarm. The only problem with my school is the early start. How does one drag themselves from the warm cosy protection of their bed? 
I finally got my lazy ass out of bed and started on my face. I’ve recently started paying more attention to keeping my face fresh and hydrated and it honestly feels so much better. After taming the mess that is my hair I started getting ready. I was looking everywhere for my Nike shorts from dance (That robbed me of £17.50 !!) but I couldn’t find them anywhere… Literally anywhere. So that put me in a rubbish mood to start with /: 

Then I realised just how much shit I had to carry with me to school and I just couldn’t. After ditching one of the bags to take i set off to the bus stop. You know when your day starts bad and it just gets worse ? This was one of them times. As soon as I get to the bus stop ( which btw doesn’t have a shelter) it rains. Now I wouldn’t be bothered but I just spent 20 mins getting my hair straight and now the stupid weather had to intervene and make my hair wavy /:  

Okay so one good thing happened tho… Due to me having 100% attendance since the start of the year I won £5!! 😂😂😂 that’s FIVE whole pounds. Not complaining though. It’s extra money in my pocket. ( adding to the 2p that I currently have right now /:) 

But then things got bad again … I had Heath care. Not just one lesson of it either … Two. Urgh. If there’s one lesson I hate more than I hate psychology at the moment it is health care. In one of the lessons I haven’t even done work in lesson for like a month because nobody knows what we’re doing /:

Then I had psychology:/

Now I wouldn’t mind if I actually remembered anything that’s happened in psychology since the beginning of the school year but I honestly haven’t got a clue. It’s not even that I don’t go over it because I do. Sometimes I even tell people I haven’t revised just so I don’t look even more stupid /: but yeah guess who’s getting a U tomorrow /: 

And finally I had dance 

I am so excited for this term in dance as we’re doing ‘All That Jazz’ from Chicago. At first everyone was complaining and I was so excited but by the end everyone loved it. I actually learnt a bit of the dance before at an audition so I was one step ahead and taught that bit to the class. The time flew and when the bell went at 2:15, everyone was like ‘WTF it’s home time ?’
So yeah now I’m off to a dance class in Leeds rather than staying at home to ‘revise’ because tbh I don’t think I’d be able to revise tonight at all /: so I might as well go work on my dance technique and go to the first class of 2016 !!! 
Peace out guys.- sorry no pics today, doesn’t work on mobile app 

Until Tomorrow x 
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