Rollerblading and McDonald’s- 2nd January

So today I went rollerblading with a few of the people from NCS who couldn’t come to the New Years Eve. The only problem is that everyone is so busy with work for sixth form or college. This means that they don’t have time to meet up, go for a meal or do an activity such as rollerblading, the cinema or swimming. However, it’s nice to see everyone (even though there was only 6 of us ) One of the guys that works there is hot as well so I guess that’s another reason to go;)


The only problem being that I didn’t feel well at all and felt like I needed to run to the toilet any moment ๐Ÿ˜‚. Other than that it was fun. It was really busy though so it was hard to actually get going properly.

You can tell I don’t feel too cracking when I get 20 chicken nuggets in McDonald’s and can’t eat them aha. My first box of 2016 as well :(! – BUT… don’t worry I ate them on the way home.


The weather was pretty shit today as well which didn’t help cheer me up. I’m getting pretty sick of this rain as well. In fairness, i’m quite lucky as Bradford is really hilly so the floods which are affecting surrounding city’s aren’t hitting us.

I actually took this on the way home from Halifax- so its not Bradford.

One thing I did manage to purchase myself today is some socks! Only because they were cute and on sale for 75p. We all got a pair of matching dog socks as well- they were also 75p in New Look.



Other than that today was pretty uneventful and did my work when I got home so yeah pretty boring and pretty short -So yeah here’s today’s makeup…


I did my makeup rather minimal for today …
I used my Laura Geller eye shadow palette-THE DELECTABLES that I got for Christmas in the shade ‘Dolce’ for my eyes with the shade ‘Mushroom’ to blend . Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of just my eyes when I did them. However, this is what it looks like at 6:30 pm after applying at 9am.

For liner I used a cheap but good 24 hour eyeliner that I bought in Bodycare two days ago, I believe it was around ยฃ3. The only problem is that I can’t wing it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.
Then for my lips I used a nude lip crayon that I bought in Primark. It’s a really natural look to use day to day.

That’s all for today ha, hope you enjoyed it.

Until Tomorrow x

Random Fact#2-ย Every time you lick a stamp, you consume 1/10 of a calorie.

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