Happy new year?!?- 1st January

Hey, i’m Melissa…

So I thought i’d start something this year which I intend to stick to, hopefully posting everyday but obviously things can come up. I don’t think anyone will actually take the time to read this but I am mainly doing it for myself to look back on at the end of 2016.

So where to start…

I spent my New Years Celebration at a friends house thatIi met from taking part in NCS in the summer. Taking part in NCS (Google it ) has honestly changed me for the better but I wont go into the details aha. There wasn’t that many of us there but I liked that it was a chill atmosphere and not hectic like some parties are. As I turned 18 in December, drinks were involved but I didn’t get too drunk to not remember it the next day.

How cute is this glittery shot though!!


Obviously, I don’t want to name people or include a photo of us as i’m not sure they would want people to see this and they have no idea that I have decided to do this ( I decided like 10 mins ago)

Earlier in the day i met up with my friend who moved away a year and a half-ish ago. I had such a great time despite the funny looks off of people due to me having pink hair and her having green. She had never been to Starbucks so I took her ‘Starbucks Virginity’ as people put it.


You know you go to Starbucks too much when you walk in and the girl says ‘HI MELISSA!’ like shes your best friend. LOVE IT!

So back to new years…

In the morning (January 1st) I tasted Honey-cured bacon for the first time and it was even better than normal bacon! It took me a while to actually get up and ring a taxi to get home.

I don’t really know what else to say as this is my first post and its taken me a long time to finally create myself a blog. I was torn between this and a diary. So i’ll leave you with a few pics from the past few days and I would just like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Sorry that it’s quite short and brief)


Until Tomorrow x

Random Fact#1-Β Most American car horns honk in the key of F

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Instagram: @xmeldornx

Twitter: @xmelissajadex


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